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The “Bulbized” Sunflower LED Panel Guarantees Durability and High Reliability

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The Sunflower LED panel has achieved great success on global market because of its subversive design that leads to premium quality and excellent performance. Among so many advantages, we would like to focus on its durability and reliability today.
Though adopted plastic materials, the Sunflower outpaces the regular downlights not only in the competitive cost, but also in the safety performance, and these will not compromise its durability.
Through the Creep Resistance test and Thermal Shock test in our lab, we have proved its strong mechanical stability of the shell that completely conforms to customers’ standards. After 168 circles of -25℃ and 100℃ test, slight dimensional change can be found on the product shell, manifesting its structural strength is almost the same as initial stage.
Bulbized Sunflower LED Panel
As to the reliability, from the L80-TM-21 (105℃) test report, we can see after 9000-hour testing at 105℃, the luminous flux of LED chip the Sunflower used remains above 95%, thus we worked out that the lifespan of the LED chip can be up to 54,000hours. While through the Operating Temperature test on Sunflower panel, we can learn that when the ambient temperature reaches 50℃, the temperature of its LED chips still keeps below 100℃, which means the Sunflower ensures a super long working lifespan. And this is attribute to its highly conductive plastic materials and ideal structural design.
Bulbized Sunflower LED Panel
From the tests above, we can conclude that the Sunflower has an excellent performance in terms of durability and reliability, helping you win competitiveness on your local market. We believe this series will bring a huge chance to our global clients.

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