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Energize your business with INMETRO certified HO LED Lamp

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To optimize the lighting experience of offices and industrial spaces, WELLMAX independently developed 2.4m HO LED Lamp complying with INMETRO certification. The high light efficiency brought by this 40W high-power product can light up every corner of the large space. Because of its more energy-efficient performance under the same brightness, it is designed to replace conventional fluorescent tubes. In addition to the ordinary G13 base, the detail design of offered R17D base will be more appealing to local customers.
The safety and reliability of lamps applied in commercial spaces are valued by customers. WELLMAX HO LED Lamp certified by INMETRO meets Brazilian regulations and safety standards so it can be introduced into the Brazilian market without concerns. At the same time, Samsung LED top chips guarantee a stable lighting experience under high demand operation. With excellent quality and certification from third parties, it has great potential in the Brazilian market.
If you want to scale up your business and gain big orders, it is time to upgrade product catalog.
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INMETRO certified HO LED Lamp

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