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How to Spot a Right LED Supplier at Trade Fairs

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As internet become more and more popular worldwide, people obtain information faster and more convenient than ever. However, when things come to a point where they have to make a decision, such as a large cross-broader trading, they will choose to participate in an industrial show where they have opportunities to have face-to-face conversation with others.
Take the lighting industry for example, every year there is an enoumous number of buyers streaming into leading lighting fairs seeking for right products and suppliers. But another challenge they have met is that with such an explosive information at the fair, how they can identify a right supplier within limited time. Some exhibitors advertise themselves with product parameters; some feature low prices, and still some say their products are brighter. But are there any criteria to follow?
Jack, a Europe-based LED importer, who successfully chose a long-term LED supplier on Light+Building 2018 provided his advices.
1. Investigating the Reliability of Pre-selected Supplier
For preparation, Jack indicated that the most critical feature for selecting a supplier is to investigate its reliability before attending a fair. Generally, the most effective way to identify the reliability is to see whether the supplier has a long-term history in the industry, which indicates enough experience in dealing with businesses.
2. Assessing the Capability of Potential Supplier
The quality assurance is always regarded as a hard indicator to measure. Normally, a quality-conscious supplier is supposed to pass varies requirements of a respected third-party authority such as DEKRA or SGS. With tested equipment, standards and system, a supplier should be able to offer a rigid quality guarantee from raw materials to design and production.
3. Verifying the Team Specialization of Supplier
Show visiting provides buyers with opportunities to interact directly with different sales teams, allowing them to judge the professionalism and flexibility of services. Seasoned teams tend to take “client first, professional service” as their code of conduct, focusing on assisting clients with an overall solution instead of rushing to conclude orders.
Jack also shared his supplier with us and remarked, “I chose WELLMAX as my new partner in 2018 after layers of screening. The company is far beyond the standards I mentioned above. The company has a great reputation as the world-renowned LED Bulb Expert and has first-class LED test labs certified by DEKRA and SGS. The company always formulates detailed product and purchase plans according to my requests, contributing to 40% business growth of my company last year. “

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