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The “Bulbized” LED Panel Downlight Better Illustrates WELLMAX’s Value of Caring People’s Needs

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Since the launch of “Bulbized” LED Panel Downlight on 2019 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), this subversive product has aroused great response in the industry. Many customers have posted their opinions online that they not only marvel at the high performance of this series, but also express strong interest in the stories about the originality of this product.
With this strong desire, we conducted an interview with Peter Xu, Manager of Technical Department of WELLMAX, to learn the detailed R&D story of the Sunflower.
Targeting Customer Demand
Dedicated in the lighting industry for more than 20 years, Peter Xu possesses rich experience and keen insight. As the lighting industry develops, he indicated that the competition confronted by enterprises is gradually evolving into a battle of globalization. In addition to observing the development trend and driving factors of the market, more attention needs to be paid to the clients’ specific requirement when designing a product.
Peter Xu introduced the background of developing Sunflower from two aspects:
Market capacity is enlarging. The degradation of traditional downlights and the increase of various application requirements have driven up the demand for new LED downlights on the global market.
Product bottlenecks need to be broken. Because of the structure and materials that the regular downlights use, it is hard to reach a balance between the manufacturing cost and performance standards. That means the product performance like light efficiency, power, and security issues, often limited to be improved by its high cost.
To solve the issues and to meet the increasing market demand, WELLMAX developed this “Bulbized” LED panel downlight.
Focusing on Product Performance
With clear product positioning, the Sunflower inherits the advantages of regular downlights, small in size with competitive cost. Apart from that, the product has also been improved on multiply fronts:
● Plastic body with integrated design to ensure safety
● Exclusive backlit LED technology with optical lens provides a super-high light efficacy and uniform light distribution
● SAMSUNG LED chips inside to achieve high power
● Smaller package size than other similar products
● Modularized structure makes it easier to conduct SKD project
Finally, talking about the roadmap of Sunflower, Peter Xu added that WELLMAX is committed to make the Sunflower series “Bulbized”. The company will apply its entire plan on LED bulbs to the sunflower series, including HCL technology, radar sensor technology and sunlight induction technology to meet variety of application requirements.
From the conversation, we learned that the value of “Customer First” lies in everywhere of the company. Its members, regardless of their different roles, are focusing on digging clients’ demands and making every effort to fulfill them, which is the reason why the company can stand on the top of the industry.
Driven by such value, we believe that WELLMAX will continue to create more innovative technological products through its unremitting efforts toward perfection.

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