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Why Can WELLMAX Help You Achieve Sustainable Development?

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Lighting industry has undergone several rounds of technical and product changes with its rapid development. In the midst of the industry changes, some lighting factories which are unable to adapt to the revolution are forced to quit their lighting business, and most changed their business focal point.
Under such circumstance, WELLMAX not only enjoys a worldwide reputation as LED Bulb Expert, but also helped numerous partners to win competitive-edge.
Why can WELLMAX make it? We invited our Chief Advisor, Thomas. Lin to give a detailed introduction on the development and brand position of WELLMAX. Thomas has devoted himself in lighting industry for 27 years. Prior to joining WELLMAX, he worked at PHILIPS for 12 years and OSRAM and LEDVANCE for 5 years, which has accumulated preeminent leadership and extraordinary wisdom for him.
Through his comprehensive explanation, you will have a new cognitive to WELLMAX!
Please check the video below to get full information.
If the video is unable to play on your browser, please click here.
You can also find more information on our Facebook page and Youtube channel.

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